How To Make A Social Media App: Useful Hints From Our Team

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Do you like chatting on the Internet? No? Come on, you must have been born on another planet! A wide variety of social media app has significantly changed the notion of communication and revealed its new features. It is worth noting that only Facebook alone has 1.1 billion mobile users monthly! Yes, it is hard to believe such a figure but we are not kidding! It is real. 

Not to mention other social apps that are also very interesting for the specific circle of users and even can motivate somebody to develop something similar in his or her own way. The secret of the popularity of such apps is the freedom they give to users. You can share your dreams and achievements with the whole world! Social apps development is one of the most leading directions of IT-industry. People want to chat to share their emotions and exchange ideas with like-minded people. And if you want to find out how to build a social media app, we will recommend some appropriate solutions for you.

How to create a social media app

If you plan to create your own social media app, follow these steps below: 

  • Step 1. Choose the type of your future social media app 
  • Step 2. Get acquainted with the main reasons to create a social network app 
  • Step 3. Follow 5 steps to start a social media business 
  • Step 4. Build an MVP of social media app 
  • Step 5. Keep up with the main trends to enhance your social networking app 
  • Step 6. Choose your way to attract users to your social media app 

Types of social media app to choose from

If you plan to build a social media app, you should choose the type of your future app. It will help you address this app to the right target audience. Let’s check out existing types of social media apps.  Top 10 popular social media apps as of 2018 in the US

News apps

News website owners see in the social news apps a very serious competitor. It is not a surprise since social networks provide users with the latest news. If video streaming is popular, news streaming app should also be interesting for users.

How To Make A Social Media App: Useful Hints From Our Team

A hint from AndroSwift: first, you’d better find an appropriate news source that will be used for news posting in your app. Decide on a number of social networks where users can share their news. As for design, it is necessary to think about how the news will be displayed in the news feed. In addition, it is necessary to build a correct strategy for social media app development.

Social blogging apps

Do you like blogging? If you are an enthusiastic blogger, you know that it is not an easy activity. First, you must have good writing skills, a way with words, and of course, you simply should love writing. Blogger must have an app that would allow him or her to write posts from all his portable gadgets. It is not difficult to build a social media app like this.

How To Make A Social Media App: Useful Hints From Our Team


If you just like chatting, a messenger app is created exactly for you. Messenger is a mobile app or web service for instant messaging. In addition to common talks with friends, messengers are actively used in business. They make it possible to provide the client with timely service. So if you plan to make social networking app, a messenger app can be your choice.

How To Make A Social Media App: Useful Hints From Our Team

A hint from AndroSwift: before you create a social network app, you should understand how to make a social media app, what features it should have, what bonuses users will receive, and how they will chat. Also, you should select what chat type your messenger will have – group or only individual, call types – voice or audio calling/both of them. If immersing in details, you can add typing status feature in your messenger – it allows users to see when their interlocutors are typing a message.

Lifestyle apps

An active way of life suits the successful person of today. Fashion, movies, hobbies, sport, leisure, travel, daily routine – all these activities make life versatile and interesting. Lifestyle apps conquer the mobile apps market since they simplify some of our daily routines. Every day such mobile apps send us news from our friends, remind us to visit a gym or drink the required amount of water. Generally, it seems impossible to find the best social apps for Android or iOS since each app can be attractive with its own features.

How To Make A Social Media App: Useful Hints From Our Team

A hint from AndroSwift: if you make your own social media app for lifestyle category, you must consider the same features as in Messenger apps category. Chat types, audio/video calling, as well as geolocation-based search.

Entertainment social media apps

This type includes different apps like dating apps, live-streaming apps, media sharing apps, and so on. So if you focus on a younger generation, then entertainment social networking app development will be a better choice for you.

How To Make A Social Media App: Useful Hints From Our Team

A hint from AndroSwift: to create a dating app, you cannot ignore the features of users banning since somebody can be very importunate. In addition to it, you can add captcha code features for registration to convince that only real humans will create a profile. When building an alive streaming app, pay attention to how your database will be updated – manually or automatically.

In the case of the media-sharing app, you should think about adding some additional features to your app. For instance, Instagram can boast such interesting features like native filters for photos. 

Apps for business

This category cannot be interesting for everybody due to its specific goal. But people who are looking for a job or want to develop useful contacts will surely find business social media apps more than helpful.

How To Make A Social Media App: Useful Hints From Our Team

A hint from AndroSwift: First of all, you must select what user profile types will be. Search by company/category/professional field, type of user account – simple/premium, etc. A correct understanding of how to build a social media app will help you build the correct business strategy.

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