Global network for dancers

This social network is designed to connect dancers from all over the globe and let them communicate interactively.

Ayoo Dance

Ayoo Dance was created for dance lovers by dance lover to build a strong and vibrant community of like- minded people.

Project idea

The main idea of Ayoo Dance is to give dancers a place where they can show their skills and communicate.

Target audience

The audience of this social networking app is people who are fond of dancing and looking for a place to dance and compete with friends online, watch performances of other dancers, and just connect with like-minded people.

Project Challenges
  • Advanced processing and distribution of media content
  • The necessity to find and import an appropriate initial content
  • Use of high-performance servers to provide an instant content delivery to the end user

Our engineering team built a mobile solution that is able to generate a community in a short-term period and a web-based admin panel for this project.

Planning stage

Incoming info

Clients had vision on:

  • Business model basics
  • Initial design concept
  • Desired list of features
  • Project release deadline

Steps we took to analyze the received information:

  • Involvement of a Dedicated Business Analyst
  • Over 12 meetings held

This stage led to:

  • Technical requirements
  • UI/UX requirements
  • Project estimate

Main features of the project

After the planning stage, our developers started working on the platform.

Implementing a heavy video processing functionality

Ayoo heavily relies on the functionality, which is called an in-app Duet. Basically, Duet is two videos tied together in order to allow people in different places to create a left-right dances comparison which is 100% synced to one another.

Global network for dancers
Global network for dancers

Building the management console for the app

Since Ayoo Dance is a social network, we had the need to control the whole application from the single source which evolved into a super-admin panel. It allows to gather user data, have full control over tutorials and hand-crafted notification system, and many more. An imageNode.js An imageMySQL An image

Setting up a voting feature

Feedbacks from the app's audience revealed that users want not only to dance with each other but battle and vote for the best performance. To give users what they want, we introduced a battle mode allowing to vote for one or another contestant.

Global network for dancers

Project development stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

Global network for dancers


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Justin Shaifer CTO at Blockbuster, TDC

We’re very happy with Androswift. They seem to work in the way that we do, and we have a close collaboration with them. Every day we talk to the developers and outline what needs to be done.

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Gustavo Peres CEO at Foodito

We found Androswift had played the main role in helping with our customized web development, web applications and plugin customization. Having Androswift onboard gave us the confidence to say yes to all jobs! Requested project edits were returned quickly.

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Tim Savage Owner

I was at first worried about doing business with developers in another country as I am based in the UK, but I had spoken to a guy from Androswift called Kalpesh, who assured me that using Androswift for all my development work would not be a risk at all and they have proven me right.