A large online video streaming service offering thousands of movies and video series.

Interactive video features take communication and entertainment to a new level.

A versatile SaaS platform for retail businesses offering WMS, IMS, PMS, and other solutions.

A platform connecting users with local surf instructors and allowing to book a lesson.

This is the world's largest gym directory app that helps travelers find gyms across the globe.

An app that makes interaction with schools easier for pupils and their parents.

The multiplatform solution that connects restaurants and customers in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

The virtual Golf Club that allows finding golf partners for a game, competition or dating.

Transportation app that connects drivers with riders having special needs in a particular area.

A P2P platform that allows to find and hire local specialists to do work matching their skills.

An app designed to help people get rid of depressions and sleep disorders.

A service that helps buyers check a car's condition before purchase.

A dating app built around the traffic light conception to help users find a soulmate.

A playful wallpaper-making tool that turns best video moments into live wallpapers.