Search, Book, Order

The platform lets users find interesting restaurants, reserve a table, and make an order. Besides, users can get a bill and pay for it via the app.


A multiplatform solution that keeps users in touch with restaurants offering table reservation, pre-order, unique deals and discounts.

Project idea

Develop a multiplatform solution that’d allow users to book tables in restaurants and order food in advance.

Target audience

Customers in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Project challenges
  • Simultaneous development for three platforms
  • Promotion of services through discounts and loyalty programs
  • The necessity to find and import an appropriate initial content
  • High-performance server usage to provide fast real-time searching

Our customer got the solution matching the target audience and requirements to high load and scalability.

Planning stage


Clients had vision on:

  • Business model
  • Value proposition
  • Initial design
  • Revenue model

Information received from clients goes through analysis:

  • Dedicated Business Analyst was involved
  • More than 10 meetings were held to discuss all the details

As a result, we provide clients with:

  • Specification document
  • Project estimate
  • Wireframes
  • Clickable prototype

Main features of the project

After the planning stage, our developers started working on the platform.

Searching for a restaurant

Foodito uses Google APIs to deliver an excellent experience of using maps. The developers used these APIs to spot all the restaurants from the Foodito’s database and let users choose the appropriate place for eating out based on location.

Restaurant Booking App
Restaurant Booking App

Adding a restaurant to the map

The web version of the platform allows business owners to add their places to the service. They can set a restaurant location, create a menu, and highlight the working hours. Businesses can look through various stats like popular dishes or booking time.

Making an order

Users can look through the menu and make an order without waiting for a waiter or ever being in the restaurant. Foodito spells out the ingredients of every dish and allows selecting the number of portions. Interestingly, clients can add some components to the dish if they want.

Restaurant Booking App
Restaurant Booking App

Creating the communication channel

To let customers and businesses contact each other easily, we’ve embedded a chat. It is an easy way to order food through the app and specify the details.

Tech stack

Restaurant Booking App


Client Logo
Justin Shaifer CTO at Blockbuster, TDC

We’re very happy with Androswift. They seem to work in the way that we do, and we have a close collaboration with them. Every day we talk to the developers and outline what needs to be done.

Client Logo
Gustavo Peres CEO at Foodito

We found Androswift had played the main role in helping with our customized web development, web applications and plugin customization. Having Andriswift on onboard gave us the confidence to say yes to all jobs! Requested project edits were returned quickly.

Client Logo
Tim Savage Owner

I was at first worried about doing business with developers in another country as I am based in the UK, but I had spoken to a guy from Androswift called Kalpesh, who assured me that using Androswift for all my development work would not be a risk at all and they have proven me right.